The Nukes Of Hazardous

I once tried my hand at writing a comic book, or “graphic novel” if you prefer, though with the stick figures I used for the people it wasn’t very graphic.  Didn’t have the patience to draw out the people more realistically, or even to make them cartoony.

For the subjects in this endeavor I used characters from two of my favorite tv shows, The Dukes Of Hazzard, and Knight Rider.  In my story, the “Nukes” were a family who lived in an old nuclear power plant, of which you can see part of in the title panel.  They have a car called the “Private Lee”(I know, kind of obvious) which is continually losing mechanical parts as it drives along, and also has the ability to “talk” via the 01 on the door panel.  Of course, it can only talk in words or phrases that begin with “O” so it doesn’t have that much to say.

The guests in the story are Mikel Knit and his sarcastic talking car, named… uh, well, I won’t say it, but it rhymes with the name of the car from the real show Knight Rider, “KITT”.

To add to the excitement(whatever), there is even a visit from the starship Enterprise from Star Trek on the second page.  Also look for a cameo from one of my favorite characters from the Sunday comics, Bill The Cat from Bloom County.

I never finished this comic.  I think I just couldn’t decide where to go with it after the Enterprise showed up, and/or I just lost interest in it.  Maybe I will finish it… someday.  Until then, please enjoy, some of, The Nukes Of Hazardous!

BTW, it is kind of hard to read.  Especially the first page. Just do your best.