Gralen and Jeddy – Politically Incorrect

Remember back in your youth when you could say things and everyone chalked it up to just being a kid and no one freaked out about how you might be offending someone and recommended intense therapy, tolerance training, and medication for you?  Though you may have gotten a swat on your behind or some soap in your mouth if you went too far.  If you grew up in the pre-1990’s society(and some of the ’80’s) you probably remember times like that.

Well, I was a kid before all this PC nonsense started happening, and therein lies the rationale, and rationalization, for this episode of Gralen And Jeddy.
It is not very nice, the comment that Jessy makes.  In fact, it could be described as downright mean… if you said this in real life.  But then, that is why it is written for an amateur comic strip and said by a talking dinosaur.  It is not “really” real life.

It is just the flippant musings of a kid who must have been feeling extra rascally that day, and for one reason or another found it funny.  I still do find it kind of funny.

…Though it is kind of mean. 😉