Sax and Violins

Okay, so the title of this posting is a slightly overused pun.  But it does fit in with the theme of this week’s Gralen And Jeddy cartoon.  And it is a bit more clever than the actual title of the cartoon, which is, simply, “Movie”.

In it, Gralen reveals his level of maturity, and probably also his gender, by closing his eyes when the movie’s yucky kissing scene comes on, but has his eyes glued to the screen when the shooting starts up.  If you were ever a young boy, you can probably relate.



Who’s afraid of the big, bad werewolf?

Gralen, apparently.

Then again, maybe he wasn’t scared at all, but he left because he couldn’t stand the acting, if this was the same “wrrrrwolf” movie they saw:

Note:  I typed in Jenny’s dialogue in the last panel up there, as it was kind of hard to decipher that jumbled mess.