Vikings(not the Minnesota kind)

I’ve never seen a radio controlled Viking ship, but they must exist somewhere, because Jeddy has one.  And with Vikings all the rage nowadays, with “How to drain your dragon”, “Vikings”, and the like, I thought I would dust off this old episode with Jeddy thinking he is just going down to the pier(or lake, or pond) to enjoy his newly bought radio controlled Viking ship, but garnering a little more attention than he probably wanted to.

Which came first, the dinosaur or the egg?

We’ve probably all felt like this baby dinosaur has felt at one time or another.  Sometimes when waking up we just want to crawl back under the covers and not have to deal with the mundane tasks and pressures of a new day, or when faced with meeting new people we just want to crawl back under our “shell” where it is comfy and familiar.

Whoa!  That’s getting a little too deep there, and a little too serious for this episode that is simply dealing with Gralen and Jenny’s new baby who, seeing the people he is going to be living with for at least the next 18 years, decides he likes the looks of things better in his egg.

I think he must have put a lock on that egg, because their baby is never seen or mentioned again after this episode.  Apparently he was a one-joke baby because I never used him/her again.

Note: If you haven’t noticed, my pen name has been skillfully added to this comic strip episode due to my real name being on the paper(I used the photo fixing software called Pixlr, btw).
What?!  You are probably saying, “Sterling Holobyte is not your real name?!  I never would have guessed!” 
Oh well, it’s the best I could do.  It is not that easy to match the color of old, yellowing notebook paper for some reason.

Gralen and the all-over tan.

 With summer on the way – sometime next year probably the way things are going here in Wisconsin – here is one of my “summery” strips.  Notice Gralen’s changing facial structure in the second panel, and also the disappearing towel that he was holding in the first panel.  Don’t know where it went.  Maybe he stuffed it in his mouth and that is why his head looks like that.

Commercial Burnout

Poor Gralen.  He’s just walking down the street, whistling a happy tune, when he is witness to the bizarre spectacle of commercials coming to life right before his eyes.  And it affects him so much, seeing these people just up and break into advertising jingles, that he needs to see a psychiatrist.

I guess that is what you get when you watch too much tv as a kid.

I know this one is really hard to read, since I just seemed to cram the words into their text bubbles wherever they would fit, so I’d better do a play-by-play on what is going on:  First, Gralen is whistling, that’s pretty evident.  Then he sees an old man, who after buying a bottle of Coke, breaks into the old 70’s commercial and sings, “Coke adds life, to everything….”
This startles Gralen, who says, “Whew, people are crazy!”
He then witnesses a man buying a bottle of Pepsi from a little kiosk(and clerk) that looks a lot like the one that sold Coke. Hmmmm.
Anyway, the man breaks into song, and is joined by a bunch of other people(who knows where they came from) in singing the 70’s Pepsi jingle, “Join the Pepsi people, feeling free, feeling free….”
This apparently is too much for even a talking dinosaur to handle, so in the last two panels, Gralen is discussing these incidents with his psychiatrist, saying “I don’t know if it’s real or if I’m seeing things, but they looked real….”  The psychiatrist is giving his best concerned face and saying “Hmmmm”, while Gralen continues relaying the story in the last panel, where we see a shot of the sign on the door which confirms that Bill Shims is indeed a psychiatrist.   Gralen trails off saying, “And then a guy started….” and continues right off the page.

The State Of Television

Isn’t this just the state of television today… and yesterday?!
It seems you can’t watch anything anymore without there being a lot of “bleep bleeps”.

In case this comic is hard to read:  The dialogue from the tv says:  “We now return to Scared Straight.  Note:  The crude language will be cut out.”  Then “bleeps” and more “bleeps”.  “We thank you for joining in with us for “Scared Straight.