Those Darn Cats!

I know it has been a while since I uploaded a Gralen and Jeddy cartoon, and I do have more of them, but as I was rummaging through them I came upon some of my “other” drawings and cartoons, and two of them caught my eye because they were both about cats.

Not that I am a big cat lover, neither am I a cat hater.  Though if we ever get another pet I think I would prefer a dog.  Dogs just seem to “care” more about whether you are there or not.  A cat tends to act like a teenager, with a look and attitude that just lazily emotes, “Whatever.”

That said, here are two ‘post-Gralen & Jeddy’ cartoons where “cats rule”.

The first one is something I know could never happen – A cat allowing an artist to hold it down long enough to draw it.

The second one is something that I am sure, always happens.  Especially with a bit of catnip to rev them up.
Enjoy.  And thank you for reading.