Don’t Laugh Over Spilled Milk

In this episode, also known as The Cow per the title page, Gralen and his son Jessy go to a farm to practice their milking skills.  And once again, poor Gralen is humiliated and laughed at by his loved one and a total stranger when he gets on the bad side of a mischievous cow.

If I were Gralen, I probably wouldn’t ever leave the house.  Being that he is a T-Rex, you’d think he’d get a bit more respect from others.  Well, he could always eat the ones who humiliate him, I guess.  Starting with that cow.  Hamburgers anyone?



The Dinosaur That Wasn’t.

This week’s cartoon is more like a bad Paleontology lesson, given that the Saber Tooth Tiger wasn’t technically a dinosaur, but at least it is mercifully short and sweet.GralenPSASmilodonEdit

Sax and Violins

Okay, so the title of this posting is a slightly overused pun.  But it does fit in with the theme of this week’s Gralen And Jeddy cartoon.  And it is a bit more clever than the actual title of the cartoon, which is, simply, “Movie”.

In it, Gralen reveals his level of maturity, and probably also his gender, by closing his eyes when the movie’s yucky kissing scene comes on, but has his eyes glued to the screen when the shooting starts up.  If you were ever a young boy, you can probably relate.



Wagon Pain

Ok, you may or may not get the reference of the title in this installment of Gralen & Jeddy(or in this case, just “Gralen”), but there was a television show called “Wagon Train”, which I never watched, as it was a little before my time but I do remember hearing the title.  
Add to that that Gralen is being a “pain” in this one, and there you have the above title.  Sometimes thinking up a good title is really hard.  And in this case darn near impossible for some reason.

But on to the cartoon.

Isn’t it bad enough that poor little ants get stepped on, sprayed, eaten by…, well… anteaters, and generally get the short end of the stick in life.  But to then get chased off of your wagon by a talking dinosaur who’s laughing as you run off, without your wagon, is really a low blow.

Apparently Gralen has never met one of those giant ants from the movie “Them!”, or else he wouldn’t be so mean to them.  I haven’t met any of them, either.  Though some of the carpenter ants I’ve seen in the house can get pretty close.GralenWagonAntsEdit

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Comic Strip

I love this one.  It is so silly and makes no sense whatsoever, but that is what makes it funny to me.

I have long forgotten what in the heck I was thinking when I drew it, or what joke I was trying to make in it.  You’ll notice that Gralen’s friend Galen is not a dinosaur in this one and is more ape-like, which is more appropriate since I “borrowed” his name from The Planet Of the Apes movies and series.

I also borrowed from that franchise for my imaginary friend, who was named “Galen” and was of course, a talking ape.  At times, and to the annoyance of my brothers, I would “become” Galen and walk around with my arms curled up like a praying mantis in front of me, talking about the world I came from until I sensed that they had had enough, then Galen would conveniently leave and I would return to… uh, normal.  Or as close as I could get to it.


There’s the signpost up ahead. Your next stop… confusion.

Talk about The Twilight Zone, this episode has just about everything turned upside-down and inside out.  From Gralen being Jeddy’s little brother, to the fact that Jeddy is not a boy like he is in most Gralen And Jeddy cartoons, but in this one he’s a dinosaur.  Add to that Gralen’s friend Galen is not a talking ape(I got the name from, of course, The Planet Of The Apes) as he is in other episodes, but he is also a dinosaur.

Then there is the issue of the big nostrils drawn on the characters.  More like ones you would see on teddy bears.  If teddy bears were dinosaurs. And I won’t even go into those arms of Gralen and Jeddy that look like flippers on the title page.

If I didn’t know better, I would think one of my 3 dastardly brothers, or my 1 dastardly sister, infiltrated my little cartoon world and drew their own Gralen And Jeddy cartoon.  But still, the writing looks like mine, so unless my dastardly siblings are also dastardly master forgers, it looks like that theory goes right out the window.

The cartoon also has my weird sense of humor, or maybe in this case, my no sense of humor.  So from whoever made it, here it is.



Airplane A-Tack

No, this episode of Gralen And Jeddy isn’t about an airline hijacking or anything like that.

This is one of those episodes I have referred to in previous posts, where our main characters have a laugh at their hapless victims’ expense.  Sometimes the unfortunate jokee is one of those main characters, but in this one the victim is just a simple passenger that they refer to as “Jumping Jack.”  You will see why if you read the cartoon.

Btw, I wonder if the TSA allows thumbtacks on airplanes.  But if they do, they probably shouldn’t if Gralen and Jeddy are on the flight.