The Good, The Bad, And The Weird. Part 5

You’ll notice there is only one drawing for this installment.  That’s because I cropped out the other one that was on the same piece of paper.  It was kinda racy – in a cartoony way of course, but still – and I decided that was not a way that I wanted this blog to go.

But if you must know what it was about, I will try to describe it… without describing too much.  Both of these drawings were done in the early 90’s, and this one happened to be about the Gulf War.  Anyway, it involved a Desert Storm missile “invading” Saddam Hussein’s body, and the drawing was called “Saddamy”.  You can figure what it looked like from there, and I will just slide on over to the next drawing. 😉

This one involved my growing disgust with what is known as Advertising.  And if I was disgusted with what some advertisers were doing to try to sell items back in the 90’s, you can imagine that my feelings about them have not changed for the better.  Yikes!  It wouldn’t surprise me if some advertising firms were actually thinking like the guy in this drawing.

Advertisers' Dilemma