The Good, The Bad, And The Weird. Part 4

Back when being obscene and “edgy” was considered new and socially relevant, Robert Mapplethorpe could arguably have been one of the most relevant people around.  Though in today’s society he might even be considered tame, most of the photos he took(and unfortunately displayed publicly) could be spliced together to form an xxx-rated moving picture show to rival any that business could come up with.

Which brings me to this first drawing.  A fictional, satirical Mapplethorpe photo that he no doubt would have left in his camera, undeveloped.

The second drawing I made while the Gulf War was taking place.  It’s just a nonsensical drawing I had come up with because I drank a lot of Tropicana orange juice back then(the kind with the “juicy bits of pulp” was my favorite) and the war was in the news.  So there.



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