The Good, the Bad, and the Weird. Pt.1

Boy, it’s been a long time.

Ok, enough of that.  Until I figure out how to scan my oversized (lost)Gralen & Jeddy cartoons that I found over at my parent’s house, I am going to be uploading some of my random drawings over the next few weeks(or months if I start procrastinating again).

These first two are from the surreal realm, having to do mainly with people being in places you wouldn’t expect them to be in.  I can’t explain that any clearer so I’d better just show you.  Btw, these were made when I was a little older than when I did my Gralen And Jeddy cartoons.  I started doing stuff like this when I was in my late teens to early twenties.



See what I mean?

I mean, what is a clown doing there while some knight is battling a dragon in that first one?!  Although with those “mysterious clown” pics showing up on the internet this one could be considered up to date.

In the battlefield tap dancer one I think I was borrowing that idea from that M*A*S*H episode where Charles dreams he is a magician, though he can’t save the life of the patient, so he starts tap dancing right there in the OR.  That episode was always kind of freaky.

Enjoy and try not to have nightmares.