The 6 Strips Of Christmas

In the mid-1980’s – and after the rousing success of my “other” comic strip, Collamer(you know, the Gralen And Jeddy spinoff that I quit drawing after two episodes) – I decided to branch out once again with another comic strip.  This time focusing on another interest of mine at that time, space aliens.

I had long been a sci-fi fan, so making a comic strip about aliens coming to earth was right up my alley, and it seemed like a natural progression from my youthful Gralen & Jeddy dino days.  The future looked bright.  At least for 6 episodes.  It was a promising start, but like many of my endeavors, I just didn’t know where to take it next.  This in fact was my last attempt at drawing a new comic strip.  I had bandied about an idea a little later about a strip with two ninjas – one good and one bad – but it never got past the initial drawings of the two main characters.

The “Whizzets” strips themselves are pretty self-explanatory, and hopefully readable, so I won’t add any sub-titles or descriptions and will just lay them out in their full glory.  Note however, their name changes from “Whizzits” with an “i”, to “Whizzets” with an “e” after the first two episodes.  Don’t know why I changed it.  But I guess nobody likes “zits”.  On another note, notice the sideless steps lowered down to the roof from the Whizzets’ spaceship in the fifth episode.  Yeah, I was a fan of the movie, “Flight Of The Navigator”.  Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 😉

So without further ado, here are the six episodes of “The Whizzets”.  I hope you enjoy them, and have a Blessed Christmas!