Dialogue Bubbles Have Feelings Too

In this episode of Gralen & Jeddy, Jeddy’s dialogue bubble wants some “alone time”, so he devises a plan to act all droopy so Jeddy won’t use him to talk.  Yes, apparently cartoon dialogue bubbles can exist without the presence of the ones who use them for speech.  Let’s just hope they don’t all revolt.

I don’t know where Jeddy was that he didn’t need his dialogue bubble.  You would think he would want his bubble around most of the time in case he needed to say something.  I suppose, maybe he was in the bathroom, or he went to visit a monastery.

Note:  Yes, I am going to write the words under the panels, as there are many, and as was my usual style back then, I packed a lot of them into small spaces.  Maybe I needed bigger dialogue bubbles.  …Or maybe I just should have learned to write smaller.

Another note:  Never mind the ghost image of Gralen in the first panel that I didn’t erase enough.  He jumped his cue, I guess.



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