If I were a rich dinosaur(or dog)

I have nothing against rich people.  Heck, sometimes I wish I was one of them.  I don’t besmirch any rich person.  Most rich people got that way by having an idea or dream, putting some hard work and/or savvy into  it, and taking some initiative to see that idea/dream through.  

Yes, some people got rich simply by being the heirs to their family’s hard work and initiative, so what?!  I say “Good for them” just as I do when someone hits it big on the lottery.  We all have different lots in life.  That’s… life.

Now, rich, snooty dogs are another story!  Who likes a Cardigan wearing, pipe-smoking, uppity dog who takes a leak on someone’s car and makes the car’s owner clean it off, as in the first cartoon?  

But come to think of it, there must be a whole lot of dogs feeling pretty high and mighty nowadays, what with having their owners follow behind them scooping up their “business”.  I guess this cartoon was a little ahead of its time.


The second cartoon deals with another puzzling aspect of this Gralen & Jeddy Comic Strip – and that is the number of talking dinosaurs seeming to roam around the world.  You would think that Gralen would be an anomaly, but apparently he has a number of relatives still roaming the planet, as evidenced by his rich cousin from Texas showing up at his door, unannounced.  I guess he wasn’t rich enough to own a cell phone.  Or else it, like everything else he had, was just too big to fit in his car.





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